What do millionaires know about investing, spending, risk,
saving, and freedom that 99% of people don’t?

Go inside my advanced money management system — What I invest
in, who I work with, how I protect myself, and what I buy … and
how these changed as I got more advanced.

It’s time to discover “what’s next.


Get my Advanced Personal Finance System and find out what
millionaires know about investing, spending,
risk, saving, and freedom that 99% of
people don’t.

How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance is a
brand new online course that gives you an insider’s look at how
high net worth individuals manage their money.

This is advanced — we focus on the questions,
challenges, and opportunities unique to individuals who have
already mastered the basics and want to know “What’s next?”

This is fast — we’ve condensed everything into
13 detailed lessons. Take it at your own pace and revisit
whenever you want.

This is practical — we’ve included worksheets,
tools, scripts, case studies, checklists, and quick-start
guides to make it easy to apply what you’ll learn to your own

How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance will
show you how the rules change as your net worth grows — and how
to keep winning.



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What do millionaires and elite financial planners know about
money that others don’t?

What do they care about? What do they do differently? And most
importantly, how do they do it?

How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal
takes you inside my own advanced personal finance

  • How I use a “Personal CFO” to manage all of my finances —
    stress-free — without losing control
  • The psychological changes of managing money at advanced
    levels, including how I think differently about saving,
    investing, and spending
  • Advanced tax optimizations
  • See my exact asset allocation, the exact funds I use, and
    most important, the strategy behind WHY I organize my
    investments this way
  • 30 important life events that present opportunities to
    optimize taxes and take advantage of investment opportunities
  • How I work with each member of my personal finance team —
    including my Personal CFO and accountant. Plus, real examples
    of building your own team of advisors
  • The red flags to watch out for when hiring a CPA or other
    financial advisor — don’t ignore these
  • How much you should spend on your financial advisors (don’t
    spend more than this!)
  • The 3 most common invisible scripts that hinder advanced
    personal finance — and your happiness
  • How to “lean into” where you want to spend more
    whether it’s convenience, luxury, travel, charity, or
    relationships. Including detailed examples
  • Why the key levers of the CEO Mindset are the keys to
    advanced personal finance success

And that’s just a sample of the insights packed into this

If you’re ready to make the leap into advanced personal
finance, you’ll learn what to do, when to do it,
why it’s important, and how to actually make it

That’s not all, though. I’ve also packed the course with a
whole slew of useful worksheets, tools, and templates to make
shifting into advanced personal finance easy and clear.





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Ramit Sethi – How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal
Finance: Videos, PDF´s

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