Fill Your Pipeline With a Consistent Flow Of High Value
Prospects and Crush Your Sales Goals In 42 Days

Introducing the GETS Method Masterclass



Comprehensive 6-Week Program

Provides step-by-step details for quick results. No
fluff, no theory, and no “high-level” or “over your head”
concepts that are difficult to grasp and take months to be able
to get results from.

Is taught by a 30-year business development
There is not one strategy or tactic Mike has
not seen over his 30-year career capable of putting sales
professionals in front of huge opportunities and literally
changing their futures forever.

Is chock full of strategies you won’t find on Google for
Far too many programs take the rehashed tips and
tricks that can be easily found on Google or Youtube and simply
repackage them, but not the GETS Method.

Here’s Everything Your Getting


Fundamentals And Foundations

The four critical elements to knowing your buyers so well that
every message, phone call, email, or face-to-face conversation
motivates them to moving closer to a buying decision.

How to create a “Unique Sales Proposition” that positions you
head and shoulders above your competitors and makes price a
non-issue in the decision making process.

How to command instant attention with a simple 3-step headline
process that gets decision makers wanting to know more about
you, your business, and your offering.

The 5 essential elements of a LinkedIn profile which create an
impression so strong that prospects can’t help but engage you
in a sales conversation.


Targeting Buyers

How to combine sales objectives, key performance metrics,
content assets, and buyer personas to create the perfect
audience for you to target on LinkedIn.

How to use the LinkedIn sales navigator and ads platform to
laser target even the most hard to find and difficult to reach
decision makers.

How to create the right balance between reaching a large
audience of the right decision makers and scale in order to
remain relevant with your message.

How to use four main search functions to create a list of your
first 1,000 highly targeted prospects ready and willing to do
business with you.


LinkedIn Sales Funnel

Knowing exactly what to say and what not to say with your
invite requests so you can create seamless and worry-free
connections with decision makers.

How to create a first time welcome message with your new
LinkedIn connections that elicits a positive response so you
don’t look like a spammer.

How to know the right moment when you should share your
“magnetic offer” so you can guarantee that the sales process
never loses traction.

The best time, worst time, and best way to ask for a meeting so
every first attempt is successful and you don’t end up begging.

How to generate a much higher closing ratio by using the eight
phase strategy session to close high ticket deals in 30-minutes
or less.


Irresistible Offers

How to create content that pre-sells your products and services
so prospects are already prepared to buy from you by the time
they speak with you one-on-one.

How to create simple offers such as checklists, PDFs, blog
posts, cheat sheets, templates, swipe files, scripts, examples,
toolkits, resource lists, and spreadsheets.

How to create expert offers such as slideshares, reports,
tutorials, guides, gated content, infographics, educational
videos, webinars, mini-courses, coaching sessions, and

How to create community building offers such as LinkedIn
groups, membership sites, Facebook groups, slack groups, and

How to create bottom of funnel offers such as case studies,
waiting lists, and free books.


Networking and Marketing

How to amass a powerful network you can use for years to come
to create consistent business growth by leveraging culture,
attraction, and change.

How to leverage the success formula of the “theory of
everything”  to consistently create marketing and sales
homeruns in your business.

Using buyer personas to segment and personalize your prospects
experience with your brand in order to capture a larger share
of the market.

How to monitor and measure the overall impact your brand has in
the marketplace so you can consistently optimize your messaging
to increase sales conversions.


Content Machine

How to use topics, keywords, placement, and schedule to create
a content strategy that will solidify an impenetrable position
for yourself in the marketplace as a thought leader.

How to make yourself omnipresent on LinkedIn so that every time
your prospect gets on the platform they can’t avoid thinking
about your sales message.

How to maximize and maintain the virality of your content by
using LinkedIn’s sponsored and indirect sponsored content,
sponsored InMail, and text ads.

And to Make Sure You’re Getting Everything You Need to Be
Successful, You’re Also Getting Access to:



Receive the same tools we sell to our private coaching

Now you don’t even have to fear figuring out what to say to
prospects because we’ve already done that for you.

What you’ll be getting:

The exact messaging scripts you can model and make your own to
copy, paste, and send out to your clients and customers along
with samples we use with our private coaching clients.

A quick and easy system that allows you to track progress and
keep yourself organized. We also show you how to integrate the
GETS Method with your CRM system.

The blueprint to using Sales Navigator tagging system to
generate outbound direct message campaigns that gets prospects
to respond.



Any and all of your questions will either be answered by
myself personally or someone else in the program who has
already figured it out.

This is not just another Facebook group of tire kickers but a
mastermind of like-minded sales professionals and business
owners who are all striving for similar goals.

Leverage the collective intelligence of this group to:

Tap into the knowledge, experience, and insights of other
entrepreneurs with similar goals.

Quickly troubleshoot any little or BIG hangup in a matter of
minutes so that you never get stuck longer than you have to.

Form valuable business relationships (and partnerships) that
can lead to bigger collaboration opportunities.



You’ll be able to tap into our weekly Q & A calls.

I know you can be successful with this system, but you’re going
to need coaching. You will have questions that need answering.
And you might need help in the accountability department, too.
Let me tell you, I take my job as a coach very seriously. I
won’t let you quit on yourself. We will get through everything
together. I can’t do that with just a few videos and some PDFs.
Information alone won’t cut it.

What you’ll be getting access to:

Weekly group coaching calls with me or one of my staff members
that has expertise in LinkedIn and the GETS Method.

All of our calls are recorded so if you can’t make it, you can
listen to the replay at your convenience.



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