Amazing Selling Machine is our flagship program teaching you how to build a highly-profitable business selling your own brand of physical products by leveraging the power of Amazon. This is the most successful online business education program ever created. With thousands of successful students, Amazing Selling Machine has proven itself to be incredibly effective at getting people results, regardless of previous experience with selling online.


About Us

“The $142 Million Community Built in 24 Months”

Chances are you found this page because you???re ready to start a business. You???re tired of working for someone else, punching the clock at a 9-to-5, or maybe you???ve already ventured out on your own and want to build a REAL, sustainable, long-term, highly-profitable business. Or, you might already be running a very successful business and are simply looking for another profit stream.

No matter what your past experience or skill level, we???ve helped someone just like you with the thousands of students we???ve taught how to build wildly successful businesses they LOVE.

Whether you???re from the USA or anywhere else in the world, we can help you. We???ve estimated the total value of sales and business activity generated by our students to be over $142 MILLION, and growing.

Who Are We?

We???re entrepreneurs just like you that once had a dream of financial freedom and the freedom to do what we want when we want??? wherever in the world we want. Through trial and error and lots of working with amazing people, we???ve discovered what it REALLY takes to quickly build highly-profitable, long-term businesses, like what you???ll learn in Amazing Academy, created by two people who were once right where you are???

Matt Clark built three multi-million dollar businesses by the age of 25. He???s helped thousands of entrepreneurs build successful businesses using his ability to relate to people just getting started and with multi-millionaires looking for the next big thing. Matt has been featured in Forbes,, Under30CEO, KillerStartups, and countless other publications. His students have generated over $100,000,000.00 in sales in just the past two years using the proven systems he???s built for creating and growing businesses.

Jason Katzenback has created four 7+ figure a year businesses since 2005 and has taught and mentored thousands of students who have gone on to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue!

Here’s What You Get with Your Amazing Selling Machine Builder’s Kit:

  • 8 Week Online Web Class
    on how to, step by step, get up and running with your own Amazon business. Includes lifetime access!
  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls
    to assist you as you go through the training. Show up live and ask questions and/or reference the recordings to these calls.

Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine teaches people how to build a business selling private label and custom-manufactured physical products. Through the success of Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark and the success of their students who are currently generating over $7.8 million in monthly revenue, they have dialed in the most effective business model for physical products.
The business model they have found to be most profitable and sustainable, is creating your own custom brands of popular physical products and leverage Amazon’s Seller Platform & its Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) service to automate selling logistics. Many students choose private labeling (putting a custom-branded label on an existing mass-market product) because it???s easy to get started. However, many students also choose to create custom-manufactured or slightly-modified versions of existing products for differentiation and personal preference.
Amazing Selling Machine gives students the tools to do the following:

  • Choose a great product to sell
  • Find high-quality, high-margin suppliers in the USA and across the world in countries such as China
  • Easily use online resources such as Elance, Odesk, and 99Designs to get professional-quality labeling and packaging created to send to the suppliers
  • Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to automate the order processing, shipping, and most of the customer service for this business
  • Achieve high conversion rate and massive traffic on Amazon using proprietary tools and marketing strategies
  • Scale the business to multiple products and beyond Amazon & much, much more!



Day 1:
Session 1 – Introduction
Session 2 – Ryan Moran How To Sell Your Business
Session 3 – Prize Toss
Session 4 – Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quadrant
Session 5 – Prize Toss 2
Session 6 – Kirsty Verity
Session 7 – Jason Katzenback 90-Day Plan
Session 8 – Prize Toss 3
Session 9 – John Galley Crowdfunding 101
Session 10 – Amazon Marketer Panel

Day 2
Session 1 – Jason Fladlien The ASM Flywheel
Session 2 – Garrett Gunderson Show Me The Money
Session 3 – Mike McClary Couch Interview
Session 4 – Smartest Amazon Marketer
Session 5 – Philip McKernan The Pursuit of Wealth & Happiness

Day 3
Session 1 – Adam Issadore
Session 2 – Ezra Firestone The Future of eCommerce Design
Session 3 – Sir Richard Branson
Session 4 – Jill Young Core Values
Session 5 – 7 Laws Of Cash Flow
Session 6 – Closing Panel
Session 7 – Mentor Appreciation
Session 8 – R??sum?? Destruction

SalesPage (more info)  , Bonus Sales Page

Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine (October 2014) Contains: Videos, PDF??s, Bonuses???.


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