Jack Canfield’s Online Certification Program

Transform Your Career & Life While Helping Others Achieve
Their Biggest Goals



Empower Others to Unlock Their Greatest Potential
With My Proven Transformational Training Methodology

Most of us have big dreams for our lives.

We yearn to create joyous, abundant, and meaningful existences
for ourselves. We want to experience deep love and friendship.
We want to feel mentally and physically strong, completely
healthy, and financially secure. And we want to know that we’re
great at what we do – and that we’re making a positive impact
on the world.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to make their dreams
come true.

They spend their lives reacting to their
existing circumstances instead of acting to
create their ideal circumstances. When they do make some token
effort to change their lives but don’t get the results they
want, they give up too easily and tell themselves to remain
content with whatever fate hands them. And so their ideal life
remains an endless cycle of “what could have been.”






Success Principles Core Content Modules

I will personally instruct you on how to use
my core Success Principles and powerful experiential exercises
to help others overcome blocks and create real change in their
lives – faster than you thought possible.

  • You’ll be guided step by step on exactly how to teach
    the core body of my work.
    The lessons are all self
    paced and focus on how to teach my Success Principles in
    live, experiential, interactive trainings. This will get you
    more than prepared to confidently and successfully begin
    using this content live and in person
  • You’ll see how to facilitate my experiential
    exercises, and how to guide your clients or audience through
    massive life-changing breakthroughs.
    I’ll show you
    how to teach, train, and coach others to new levels of
    emotional freedom, happiness, and success, by using the tools
    I give you
  • You’ll see how to integrate these principles into any
    other training curriculum you’re already teaching.

    So if you have an existing coaching practice, want to start a
    new coaching or training business, or want to become a better
    corporate manager or trainer – you’ll discover how to weave
    this material into literally any field or niche
  • You’ll discover how to incorporate my Success
    Principles and habits into your own life
    stunning advancement in every goal you may have. It doesn’t
    matter if it’s your career, finances, health, relationships,
    well-being, or anything else – you can use these principles
    to experience rapid and profound transformation in yourself,
    from the inside out
  • Customized Success Plans to help you stay on
    track, complete the program, and become Certified based on a
    timeline of your choosing. Each Success Path gives you a
    detailed week-by-week schedule and additional resources to
    manage your time so virtually guaranteed to successfully
    finish the program.
  • Plus much, much more!


You’ll Also Get Comprehensive Written
Training Modules, Worksheets and Handouts

You’ll receive organized, easy-to-follow instructions detailing
how to facilitate each one of my exercises, principles and
processes in any training setting.

These resources include student handouts, scripts to follow,
engaging stories, plus tons of other reference materials to use
in any live training or speaking engagement.

So if someone calls you TODAY and tells you they want you to
hold a session, workshop or presentation TOMORROW, you’ll be
armed and ready to pull the trigger. You’ll never have to
scramble to prepare a presentation, or say NO to an offer


Detailed Blueprints for Successful Hour-long, Half-day, and
Full-day Trainings

Successfully conducting your first several trainings is the key
to long-term success. Because the more you can effectively help
and transform others, the more credibility you’ll get. And the
more credibility you get, the more people will want to hire you
or book you for their next event – allowing you to
develop a full-time business with a lifetime of eager

Start off your training or speaking career the right way by
using my powerful training outlines for different workshop
formats – including all the core Success Principles content
modules, stories, activities, and exercises I personally use to
conduct my signature 60-minute keynote, half-day, and full-day


Fully Customizable Slide Decks You Can Start Using Today

It’s easy to get started with the PowerPoint templates I’ll
provide you.

Each slide deck can be fully customized for use in your own
workshops and presentations—with your own images and branding.
You’ll receive complete turnkey presentations for a 60-minute
keynote, half-day workshops and full-day trainings – which you
can customize or use right out of the box to deliver a
successful workshop, speech or message.

Formats include both Powerpoint (for PC) and Keynote (for Mac).


Additional “Canfield Methodology” Tools to Enhance Your
Presentations and Transform Your Audience Members

Learn how to guide and manage your audience’s energy like a

You’ll get the list of processes you need to incorporate my
holistic “whole body” training methodology into your own
trainings, so you can rapidly change lives with powerful
confidence-building activities, bonding exercises,
transformation techniques, guided meditations, energizer
moments, games, and so much more.



Introducing: Train the Trainer Online

The Success Principles Certification Program

Become a Certified Canfield Success Principles
and learn to master the proven success system
that has helped millions of people create the life of their





Whether you desire to:

  • Deliver your own Success Principles-style workshops and
  • Become more confident teaching, speaking or training
    audiences of any size
  • Elevate your game – personally and professionally by
    incorporating these concepts into your daily life
  • Train your managers or employees – and boost productivity
    and job satisfaction
  • Incorporate experiential exercises and holistic training
    methods to other programs you already teach
  • Start a new career as a professional trainer, speaker or

My Train the Trainer Online Certification
will show you how to teach my proven
curriculum and training methods and give you everything you
need to hold workshops, seminars, and live training events that
gets results.




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