1) Contact

Use any form on this site to contact us. or send an email to getvipwso@gmail.com. But please do not use HelpDesk to sending us your requests. Thank you.

2) Passwords.

All Courses and upload are completely passwords free.

3) Membership

Membership is automatically renewed, if you don’t want more the service, please cancel before charge, your membership will be cancelled automatically by our system after your paid subscription ends, But still, you will be our member, so you can come back anytime to renew your subscription

4) Downloading files

Some files are stored in our server sendshared.com, others will be through google drive inviting sharing.

5) Can I share links outside of this site?
No, you can not . It is strictly forbidden. The result of this behavior will be your account BAN.

6) Comments

Yes, comments are open, but do not use them for reporting broken links (that´s why we do not approve any comment with that info and will never do). Use them for product related chat, such as reviews, suggestions and so on.

7) Requests
Please take note that requests are with no guarantee. Some requests are just impossible to fulfill. It depends on many things – if it is even downloadable, crackable, its price (we will not buy overpriced courses) and so on. Please be patient too. Always it takes some time, we are trying to fulfill one by one.