Learn hundreds of the best affiliate and ecommerce tactics:
  • $1 million in 24 hours: pre-launch strategies
  • How to triple your 30-day lead value
  • 488% increase through influencer marketing
  • Native ads: scaling straight sales long-term
  • Duplicate a top FB app’s user acquisition blueprint
  • 7-figure ABCs of Instagram
  • Bulk AOV and LTV with triple-threat retargeting
  • [Exclusive] Tan Brothers’ product research strategy


Learn from superaffiliates earning more than six figures a
month these sessions will help you:

  • Setup advanced audience segmentation
  • Plan cross-channel advanced pixel placement
  • Produce consumable personalised content that communicates
    product value
  • Build ad campaign foundations that enables 6+ figure
  • Integrate SEO best practices and guidelines for 2018
  • Sell any product through story-based marketing





Over the past two decades, we’ve seen the evolution of
affiliate marketing first hand. Below is
strategically-curated content from Affiliate World Europe
designed to bring you up to speed with where the industry is
at, what’s working now, what to avoid, and more. Learn from
titans of digital marketing like Ryan Deiss and Oli Gardner,
as well as speakers on the cutting-edge of our industry like
Maor Benaim on advanced pixel placement or Kelly Sheffield on
how straight sales can be even more profitable than trial
offers. Now’s your chance to relive one of Affiliate World’s
most legendary speaker line-ups and take home bonus material
that makes consuming the content that much easier.

  • Which verticals are the most profitable
  • Which traffic types are yielding the best ROI
  • Ad account strategies that allow for scale and the
  • [Compliant] Creatives that defy banner blindness
  • How to combat rising traffic costs and competition
  • and more!



Ecommerce Marketing

We’ve all noticed the merging of ecommerce into our lives.
It’s surprising that some people still wonder why it’s crept
up and is now nearly married to our industry. Affiliate
marketers have the largest advantage to enter ecommerce, with
skills that are so transferable, and at times, not even fair
to the competition. There’s no second-guessing why half of
our content lean towards ecommerce. We’ve brought the leading
thought leaders together for advanced ecommerce sessions to
take your stores to 6+ figures. The Tan brothers cover their
exclusive product research methods, we have Gretta van Riel
diving into her $1 million in one day pre-launch strategy,
and many more sharing their secrets to success in building
massive ecommerce businesses.

  • How to maximise AOV and LTV through post-purchase
  • Advanced ad-copy creation using the Hemingway Editor
  • Guidelines and case study on integrating influencer
  • How to setup any product for success through story
  • The holy grail of conversion rate optimisation hacks
  • and more!





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